National Book Critics Circle Award

A group of awards presented annually in the U.S. by the National Book Critics Circle to promote "the finest books and reviews published in English."

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Belonging A German Reckons With History and Home By Krug, Nora
Graphic Novel - 2018 | First Scribner hardcover edition Winner, Autobiography, 2019
Nominees: Nora Krug
GRAPHIC 943.086 K94B
Available in some locations
Directorate S
Directorate S
Directorate S The C.I.A. and America's Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan By Coll, Steve
Book - 2018 Winner, Non-fiction, 2019
Nominees: Steve Coll
958.104737 C69D
Available in some locations
Feel Free
Book - 2018 Winner, Criticism, 2019
Nominees: Zadie Smith
824.92 S66F
Available in some locations
Book - 2018 | First edition Winner, Biography, 2019
Nominees: Christopher Bonanos 
770.92 W39B
Available in some locations
Book - 2018 | First Graywolf printing Winner, Fiction, 2019
Nominees: Anna Burns
Available in some locations
The Carrying
Book - 2018 | First edition Winner, Poetry, 2019
Nominees: Ada Limon
811.6 L73C
Available in some locations
Book - 2017 Winner, Fiction, 2018
Nominees: Joan Silber
Available in some locations
Nine Continents
Book - 2017 | First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition Winner, Autobiography, 2018
Nominees: Xiaolu Guo
823.92 G97N
Available in some locations
Prairie Fires
Book - 2017 | First edition Winner, Biography, 2018
Nominees: Caroline Fraser
813.52 W67F
All copies in use Availability details Holds: 2 on 15 copies
The Evangelicals
Book - 2017 | First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition Winner, Non-fiction, 2018
Nominees: Frances FitzGerald
277.308 F55E
Available in some locations
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