Terror at Bottle Creek
Terror at Bottle Creek By Key, Watt Book - 2017 | First Square Fish edition

If you can make it past the vile first few chapters which are about alligator hunting and completely irrelevant to this story I applaud you for making it that far. This book is chapter upon chapter of unrealistic horrible events that seem to be never ending, until they are. The actions comes to what appears to me a full stop in the most cliched of ways only to pick back up again for a predictable finish. This book, truly more about a father's failure to be a man and hold down a wife leaves a sour taste in your mouth when it ultimately achieves nothing. We are back where we started, and it it feels like a big old waste of time. On top of the dramatics, there's the awful characterization of Liza the female companion to the protagonist. His interior monologue constantly degrades not only her, but all girls of that age (13).

Kristen MERKE's rating:
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